GYPA - Glycophorin-A - human protein (Function)
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GYPA »  Glycophorin-A
Protein also known as:  Sialoglycoprotein alpha; CD antigen CD235a.
Gene name:  GYPA
Family name: Glycophorin A
Entry whose protein(s) existence is based on evidence at protein level
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Glycophorin A is the major intrinsic membrane protein of the erythrocyte. The N-terminal glycosylated segment, which lies outside the erythrocyte membrane, has MN blood group receptors. Appears to be important for the function of SLC4A1 and is required for high activity of SLC4A1. May be involved in translocation of SLC4A1 to the plasma membrane. Is a receptor for influenza virus. Is a receptor for Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte-binding antigen 175 (EBA-175); binding of EBA-175 is dependent on sialic acid residues of the O-linked glycans. Appears to be a receptor for Hepatitis A virus (HAV).  
  • CuratedUniProtKB
GO molecular function 
Identical protein bindingdefinition[GO:0042802]  
  • IPIIntAct
Protein homodimerization activitydefinition[GO:0042803] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Virus receptor activitydefinition[GO:0001618]  
  • IEAUniProtKB KW
GO biological process 
Cytoskeletal anchoring at plasma membranedefinition[GO:0007016] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Regulation of response to osmotic stressdefinition[GO:0047484] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Response to virusdefinition[GO:0009615]  
  • IEAUniProtKB KW
Viral processdefinition[GO:0016032]  
  • IEAUniProtKB KW
According to KEGG, this protein belongs to the following pathways:
Hematopoietic cell lineage  hsa04640+2993  
Malaria  hsa05144+2993  


Biological process 
Host-virus interaction  definition   [KW-0945]
Molecular function 
Blood group antigen  definition   [KW-0095]
Host cell receptor for virus entry  definition   [KW-1183]
Receptor  definition   [KW-0675]
Technical term 
Reference proteome  definition   [KW-1185]

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