DDC - Aromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylase - human protein (Function)
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DDC »  Aromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylase   [ EC ]  (AADC)
Protein also known as:  DOPA decarboxylase (DDC).
Gene name:  DDC
Family name: Group II decarboxylase
Entry whose protein(s) existence is based on evidence at protein level
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Catalyzes the decarboxylation of L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) to dopamine, L-5-hydroxytryptophan to serotonin and L-tryptophan to tryptamine.  
  • CuratedUniProtKB
GO molecular function 
Amino acid bindingdefinition[GO:0016597] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Aromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylase activitydefinition[GO:0004058]  
  • IDAUniProtKB
Protein bindingdefinition[GO:0005515]  
  • IPIIntAct
Protein domain specific bindingdefinition[GO:0019904] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Pyridoxal phosphate bindingdefinition[GO:0030170] silver  
  • IEAInterPro 2 GO
GO biological process 
Cellular amino acid metabolic processdefinition[GO:0006520] silver  
  • IEAInterPro 2 GO
Cellular response to alkaloiddefinition[GO:0071312] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Cellular response to drugdefinition[GO:0035690] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Cellular response to growth factor stimulusdefinition[GO:0071363] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Circadian rhythmdefinition[GO:0007623] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Dopamine biosynthetic processdefinition[GO:0042416]  
  • IEAUniPathway
Isoquinoline alkaloid metabolic processdefinition[GO:0033076] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Multicellular organismal agingdefinition[GO:0010259] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Phytoalexin metabolic processdefinition[GO:0052314] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Response to pyrethroiddefinition[GO:0046684] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Serotonin biosynthetic processdefinition[GO:0042427] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Synaptic vesicle amine transportdefinition[GO:0015842] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Enzymatic activity 
This protein acts as an enzyme. It is known to catalyze the following reactions
L-dopa dopamine + CO(2).  
  • CuratedUniProtKB
5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan 5-hydroxytryptamine + CO(2).  
  • CuratedUniProtKB
It requires the following cofactor
Pyridoxal phosphate.  
  • CuratedUniProtKB
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This protein is involved in the following pathway
According to KEGG, this protein belongs to the following pathways:
Histidine metabolism  hsa00340+1644  
Metabolic pathways  hsa01100+1644  
Phenylalanine metabolism  hsa00360+1644  
Tryptophan metabolism  hsa00380+1644  
Tyrosine metabolism  hsa00350+1644  
According to Reactome, this protein belongs to the following pathways:
Catecholamine biosynthesis  REACT_15551  
Serotonin and melatonin biosynthesis  REACT_15439  
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Biological process 
Catecholamine biosynthesis  definition   [KW-0127]
Molecular function 
Decarboxylase  definition   [KW-0210]
Lyase  definition   [KW-0456]
Technical term 
Reference proteome  definition   [KW-1185]

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GenomeRNAi: 1644
PRO: PR:P20711