PDK2 - [Pyruvate dehydrogenase (acetyl-transferring)] kinase isozyme 2, mitochondrial - human protein (Function)
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PDK2 »  [Pyruvate dehydrogenase (acetyl-transferring)] kinase isozyme 2, mitochondrial   [ EC ]
Protein also known as:  Pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase isoform 2 (PDKII).
Gene name:  PDK2
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Serine/threonine kinase that plays a key role in the regulation of glucose and fatty acid metabolism and homeostasis via phosphorylation of the pyruvate dehydrogenase subunits PDHA1 and PDHA2. This inhibits pyruvate dehydrogenase activity, and thereby regulates metabolite flux through the tricarboxylic acid cycle, down-regulates aerobic respiration and inhibits the formation of acetyl-coenzyme A from pyruvate. Inhibition of pyruvate dehydrogenase decreases glucose utilization and increases fat metabolism. Mediates cellular responses to insulin. Plays an important role in maintaining normal blood glucose levels and in metabolic adaptation to nutrient availability. Via its regulation of pyruvate dehydrogenase activity, plays an important role in maintaining normal blood pH and in preventing the accumulation of ketone bodies under starvation. Plays a role in the regulation of cell proliferation and in resistance to apoptosis under oxidative stress. Plays a role in p53/TP53-mediated apoptosis.  
  • CuratedUniProtKB
GO molecular function 
ATP bindingdefinition[GO:0005524]  
  • IDAUniProtKB
Protein homodimerization activitydefinition[GO:0042803]  
  • IPIUniProtKB
Protein kinase activitydefinition[GO:0004672]  
Protein serine/threonine kinase activitydefinition[GO:0004674]  
  • IEAUniProtKB KW
Pyruvate dehydrogenase (acetyl-transferring) kinase activitydefinition[GO:0004740]  
  • IDAUniProtKB
GO biological process 
Cellular response to nutrientdefinition[GO:0031670]  
  • ISSOrtholog Curator
Cellular response to reactive oxygen speciesdefinition[GO:0034614]  
  • IMPUniProtKB
Glucose homeostasisdefinition[GO:0042593]  
  • ISSOrtholog Curator
Glucose metabolic processdefinition[GO:0006006]  
  • IEAUniProtKB KW
Insulin receptor signaling pathwaydefinition[GO:0008286]  
  • ISSOrtholog Curator
Intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway by p53 class mediatordefinition[GO:0072332]  
  • IMPUniProtKB
Protein phosphorylationdefinition[GO:0006468]  
  • IEAEC 2 GO
  • IEAUniProtKB KW
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Regulation of acetyl-CoA biosynthetic process from pyruvatedefinition[GO:0010510]  
  • ISSOrtholog Curator
Regulation of cellular ketone metabolic processdefinition[GO:0010565]  
  • ISSOrtholog Curator
Regulation of gluconeogenesisdefinition[GO:0006111]  
  • ISSOrtholog Curator
Regulation of glucose metabolic processdefinition[GO:0010906]  
  • ISSOrtholog Curator
Regulation of pHdefinition[GO:0006885]  
  • ISSOrtholog Curator
Enzymatic activity 
This protein acts as an enzyme. It is known to catalyze the following reaction
EC ATP + [pyruvate dehydrogenase (acetyl-transferring)] ADP + [pyruvate dehydrogenase (acetyl-transferring)] phosphate.  
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It is regulated in the following manner
Activity is enhanced by binding to the pyruvate dehydrogenase subunit DLAT. Inhibited by ADP and pyruvate; these compounds interfere with DLAT binding and thereby inhibit kinase activity. Inhibited by dichloroacetate. Inhibited by AZD7545; this compound interferes with DLAT binding and thereby inhibits kinase activity.  
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According to Reactome, this protein belongs to the following pathway:
Regulation of pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) complex  REACT_12528  


Biological process 
Carbohydrate metabolism  definition   [KW-0119]
Glucose metabolism  definition   [KW-0313]
Molecular function 
Kinase  definition   [KW-0418]
Serine/threonine-protein kinase  definition   [KW-0723]
Transferase  definition   [KW-0808]
Technical term 
Reference proteome  definition   [KW-1185]

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