TRPM7 - Transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M member 7 - human protein (Function)
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TRPM7 »  Transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M member 7   [ EC ]
Protein also known as:  Long transient receptor potential channel 7 (LTrpC7).
Gene name:  TRPM7
Family names: In the N-terminal section Transient receptor (TC 1.A.4) » LTrpC » TRPM7
In the C-terminal section Protein kinase » Alpha-type protein kinase » ALPK
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Essential ion channel and serine/threonine-protein kinase. Divalent cation channel permeable to calcium and magnesium. Has a central role in magnesium ion homeostasis and in the regulation of anoxic neuronal cell death. Involved in TNF-induced necroptosis downstream of MLKL by mediating calcium influx. The kinase activity is essential for the channel function. May be involved in a fundamental process that adjusts plasma membrane divalent cation fluxes according to the metabolic state of the cell. Phosphorylates annexin A1 (ANXA1).  
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According to TCDB this is a transporter from family:
the transient receptor potential ca(2+) channel (trp-cc) family  1.A.4.5.1  
GO molecular function 
Actin bindingdefinition[GO:0003779] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
ATP bindingdefinition[GO:0005524]  
  • IEAUniProtKB KW
Calcium channel activitydefinition[GO:0005262] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Metal ion bindingdefinition[GO:0046872]  
  • IEAUniProtKB KW
Myosin bindingdefinition[GO:0017022] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Protein serine/threonine kinase activitydefinition[GO:0004674]  
  • IEAUniProtKB KW
GO biological process 
Actomyosin structure organizationdefinition[GO:0031032] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Calcium-dependent cell-matrix adhesiondefinition[GO:0016340] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Necroptotic processdefinition[GO:0070266]  
  • IMPUniProtKB
Protein autophosphorylationdefinition[GO:0046777] silver  
  • IEAOrtholog Compara
Enzymatic activity 
This protein acts as an enzyme. It is known to catalyze the following reaction
EC ATP + a protein ADP + a phosphoprotein.  
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It requires the following cofactor
Binds 1 zinc ion per subunit (By similarity).  
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According to KEGG, this protein belongs to the following pathway:
Mineral absorption  hsa04978+54822  
According to Reactome, this protein belongs to the following pathway:
Transmembrane transport of small molecules  REACT_15518  


Biological process 
Calcium transport  definition   [KW-0109]
Ion transport  definition   [KW-0406]
Necrosis  definition   [KW-1210]
Transport  definition   [KW-0813]
Molecular function 
Calcium channel  definition   [KW-0107]
Ion channel  definition   [KW-0407]
Kinase  definition   [KW-0418]
Serine/threonine-protein kinase  definition   [KW-0723]
Transferase  definition   [KW-0808]
Technical term 
Reference proteome  definition   [KW-1185]

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